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Getting your brand online

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This Curations Guide focuses on a simple, non-overburdensome goal to increase brand [business] presence online. This guide already assumes that you have a brand, a finished website and are open to the public at a physical location.

We will cover the basics: getting found on Google, various map apps and generating press.

Reminder: might offer some services mentioned, either complimentary or flexed towards your brand's budget.

Step one: create a Grow with Google business listing at: You can view a step-by-step handout, here. can verify your brand instantly as a Grow with Google Partner, restrictions apply and you must be in Greenville, South Carolina. Contact us for more information.

Creating a Google business listing is both free and simple, making it worth the [roughly] five businesses days that you'll wait for a postcard. Upon verification, you can publish your business on Google Maps and Google Search.

Insider tip: Google is fond of those brands that keep their holiday hours accurate, manage and respond to customer reviews (regardless of positive or negative) and businesses with both accurate and complete data such as: business phone number, website and correct business category selected.

Curations tip: consistency and engagement is key. Check your Grow with Google Dashboard ( when logged in) one-to-two times a week.

Completing step one with a verified business listing also creates a Waze location for your business.

Step two: create a Yelp business listing by clicking here. You'll need a Yelp listing for when we generate an Apple Map listing below in step three.

Step three: create an Apple Maps listing. You will need your Apple ID which you already have if you own virtually any Apple device that receives messages.

Step five: create a Quora account. Quora is a question-and-answer website that allows anyone to ask and answer questions. Similar to Reddit (step six), Quora has a community upvoting system, putting best answers at the top.

Step six: Create a Reddit profile. Reddit is a social news aggregation platform where almost anything and everything is posted.


This brief guide will help set a mere basic foundation for your online presence, with a goal to allow for small publicity and the ability for potential customers to find your physical location.

This Thursday, June 13th 2019, we will go in-depth on branding: naming a brand [business], identifying domain names, social media handles and appropriate logos.

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